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About Us


Vivekananda Degree & P.G. College was established in 2005 to promote quality, modern and technical education attend to the needs of changing times under the esteemed management of the Noble Group of Modern Institutions. The college strives to provide opportunities to students to realize their potential in curricular and extra curricular activities and actualize their aspirations in life. Our College is named after a great ascetic Swami Vivekananda, who rocked entire world with his austerity and over inspiring sayings which still echo in the deep corners of the hearts of the people.

“Your Vision of the future, is our Mission today.”

Our Mission

At Vivekananda Degree & PG College, our mission is to empower minds, nurture brilliance, and cultivate leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to providing quality education, fostering holistic development, and instilling values that inspire excellence. Through innovative teaching and a vibrant learning environment, we aim to shape individuals who contribute meaningfully to society and make a positive impact on the world.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Vivekananda Degree & PG College is to empower students with holistic education, fostering intellectual growth, ethical values, and leadership skills. We aspire to create a dynamic learning environment that nurtures curiosity, innovation, and global perspectives. Committed to excellence, we aim to shape individuals who contribute meaningfully to society, embodying Swami Vivekananda's ideals of knowledge, compassion, and service.


"At Vivekananda Degree College, we embody a commitment to fostering a transformative educational environment in Hyderabad. Grounded in compassion and academic excellence, we steadfastly prioritize the comprehensive growth and well-being of each student under our guidance. Our core values drive us to cultivate a community where learning thrives, integrity reigns, and individuals flourish."


"We foster a culture of focus, commitment, and personal accountability, empowering students to excel in their academic and personal pursuits."

Respect For Others

"Respect is our foundation. We embrace diversity, promote empathy, and cultivate an environment where every voice is valued and heard."


"We instill a sense of accountability, integrity, and initiative, empowering students to take ownership of their actions and impact their communities positively."


"Honesty defines us. We uphold the highest standards of integrity, fostering a culture of trust, transparency, and ethical conduct in all endeavors."


"Courage fuels progress. We inspire students to embrace challenges, take risks, and stand up for what they believe in, empowering them to overcome obstacles and make a difference."


"We cultivate empathy, compassion, and social responsibility, empowering students to engage meaningfully in their communities and create positive change."


"Commitment is our compass, guiding every action and decision at Vivekananda Degree College as we strive for excellence in education and character development."


In the twilight Zone of life's National average, if iam asked "what is my drive to be centenarian batsman" My answer is, "In the inning I have played so far, I was bowled, caught behind LBW, Run out and all that, yet I played the game for my living, the drive was not survival but seeking 'Knowledge, for myself, for my society and for my nation. On medium which I understood for acquisition and distribution of knowledge is GRADUATION. Our nation needs graduation of value, today more than any other time in history. The graduation Education has its price, it is inevitable but it should be based on value too. We at Vivekananda Degree & P.G. College affiliated to Osmania University are creating a blend of the two and offering it at an affordable prices to the students.

Dr. K. Naresh M.A, Ph.D


Smt. Lavanya Naresh, (Director), always articulate that our present Education System isn't worth a great deal if it teaches Young People how to make a Living but doesn's teach them how to make a Life... System is increasingly embracing a Black- and-White way of thinking, in which Learning and Play are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED. So, the true purpose of Education is to make Minds, not Careers... President Vivekananda Degree & P.G. College throw in the Powerfull Weapons which are used to change the world.

"Making A student Is Making A Society Implies World"

Smt. Lavanya Naresh M.Sc(Bio-Tech)