About Vivekananda Degree College

Prof. Koyatan Mangalampalli Ravindranath Nambiar

He completed M.Sc. in Plant Genetics from Vikram University, Ujjain and has five years of research experience in genetics of Cyanobacteria as a teacher fellow, UGC at University of Hyderabad from 1983 to 1989. He has travelled extensively all over India presenting papers and attending workshops both national and international, notably International Congress of Genetics 1984 at New Delhi and International Congress of Biotechnology, New Delhi, 1985. He joined Aurora’s Degree & PG College in 1995 as Head of Department, Genetics. He is a fellow of Indian Society of Genetics and Society of Breeding researches in Asia and Oceania and life member of Indian Science Congress.

Ms. MadhaviLataBolluru – Assistant Professor

She has two years of industry experience. She presented a poster at the International symposium on Frontiers in Genetics & Biotechnology in January 2006 organized by Dept. of Genetics, Osmania University. She was an invitee to the Indo – Australian Conference in Biotechnology , March 2006 at CDFD, Hyderabad. She is an active member of Indian Science Congress, Indian Society of Human Genetics and Indian Society of Cell Biology. She has attended various workshops which has added to her practical exposure and understanding.

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