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Code of Conduct

About Vivekananda Degree College


  • The Principal shall have complete powers for the maintenance of discipline in the college.
  • The Principal may impose a fine, suspend or expel a student from the college in case of indiscipline or violent misbehavior or gross insubordination and violation of college rules and regulations.
  • The Principal may discontinue or cancel scholarship or any financial aid to a student on grounds of irregularity or indiscipline or indecent behavior.
  • In the case of indiscipline of the students, the Principal will contact the parents and request them to correct the erring wards. Failure to do so by the parent is liable to result in the expulsion of the student from the college.
  • Students are expected to keep the college campus neat and clean. Writing on the walls and damaging the college property is prohibited. Strict silence should be observed in the college premises.
  • They are required to maintain discipline and silence in the class rooms and avoid disturbing the classes.
  • The students should be polite and courteous of the teaching staff and the office staff. They should not use indecent language with the fellow students or the staff.
  • Smoking and chewing pan are strictly prohibited inside the college building. Spitting on the walls will be considered as indecent conduct and hence punishable.
  • Bringing outsiders into the college premises without obtaining prior permission from the Principal is deemed as misconduct.
  • A student involving in violent clashes in and around the college is a serious case of misconduct. Students are warned that such disorderly behavior may ruin their career.
  • Organizing any activity without being permitted by the Principal in writing constitutes misconduct.
  • Disturbing the lecturer inside the classroom constitutes serious misconduct.
  • Parents should keep in touch with the Principal from time to time and know the progress, punctuality and regularity in attendance of their wards.
  • The Hall Ticket to appear for the University Exam will be issued to the student only after he submits a No Due Certificate signed by all the respective authorities.

The infrastructure that the college can boast of have been designed with special concern towards the all-round development of the young minds that uses them. It inspires students to spend more time beyond just curricular textbooks to gather knowledge from various sources - an aspect we call 360 Degrees education.


  • All students shall strictly follow the college timings. If any student comes late to college he/she shall not be sent to the classes and the attendance will not be marked for that hour.
  • If anyone is found to be regularly late, administrative action shall be initiated, including suspension from classes.
  • All the students should strict to the deadlines specified for the submission of assignments; Project reports etc., failing which students will be awarded academic punishment(s).

Regularity & Attendance

Students shall be required to put in a minimum attendance of 75% in each paper in Theory and Practical to be eligible for appearing at the University examinations. The students are advised to check their attendance every month with their respective teachers. A Consolidated List of Students, with very poor attendance will be put up on the notice board every term. Parents are also informed of such cases.

Privileges of having more than 75% attendance

  • Scholarship: Scholarships from this academic year will be on monthly basis. A student who has put in more than 75% of attendance during a month would be given scholarship for that month.
  • Placement facilities are available only to those students who have more than 75% attendance.
  • During the annual day celebrations only those students who have more than 75% attendance will be allowed to participate.
  • Bus passes will henceforth be issued on monthly basis to only those students who have more than 75% attendance.

Attendance in practicals should be compulsorily more than 75%.


In case a student suffers from ill- health he has to submit a medical certificate from a certified doctor immediately after recovery. The college authorities would verify the genunity of medical certificate submitted with the medical counsel of India. In case the certificate submitted is not genuine action would be initiated not only against the student but also against the doctor concerned.

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